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Imagine by SkyHalo

Hello, :wave: I'm here to write a critique for :iconfeedbackfrenzy: contest!

I love the colours captured in this image. They are full of life and blended well together. The simple background emphasizes well the main subject.
You used well the rule of thirds, your subject it's not too central and also the image does not feel empty. The lines created by the flower (I'm sorry, don't know the word used for that part of the flower) make an interesting visual effect by leading the viewer's eyes. By placing the flower on one of the edges of the composition you isolated well the main subject.
Usually this viewpoint is used in most flower photos; you could try a different approach by rotating the picture, and having the flower in the top right corner. Also, I think you cropped a bit too much, I wanted to see also the tips of other lines. Likewise, with a different point of view, maybe you could create a deeper depth for the photo. Layers would give more consistency.

This was my opinion as an amateur photographer, please don't feel offended. Keep up the good work!
Happy Holidays! :santa:
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SkyHalo Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you. Any opinion is a wonderful opinion. I really wish I had not cropped it as much. :P as for changeling the point of view how would you go about that? Thank you for taking the time to write a critique! :hug:
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